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So, I made this blog years ago and forgot it existed until a couple of weeks ago, when I tried to make a new WordPress account using the exact same username/e-mail address and discovered it already existed.  I made the account the (not-so-terrific) summer I spent on campus, which was also the summer of the 2010 World Cup (during which– apparently… — Sergio Ramos was my favorite player).


Sergio Ramos (currently). I didn’t even recognize him without the hair! There’s probably a pot belly hidden under his jersey now… what happens when the magic of the World Cup has gone.

Anyways, I’m resuscitating this here blog to document the craptastic tales of my everyday life, which, of late, has been really crappy, not just by my general post-D standards, but by ‘normal’ people standards: My pooch, the world’s most adorable Doberman ever to have existed, passed away last week after 12 long years of wonderfully amusing and lovable memories together.  I miss her (if you’ve never known the love that comes from owning a dog, at least consider that so many aspects of my day-to-day routine revolved around her, all of which are now gone), but I won’t dwell on that here.

Instead, expect rants about the frustrating administration at my school (can you say — or spell for that matter — inane…?), musings on the continual repercussions of having been depressed (along with constant complaints about the injustice of it all), and random story-telling sessions interspersed with over-the-top plans for my (I-guess-now-existent) future (i.e. grad school?  potential relationships?  my best bikini body ever???).  I want to actually keep an up-to-date blog for once, so wish me luck, and drop me a note if you are so inclined!!!