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YES — I think I finally found on-campus housing.  I was getting really worked up about it today and ended up bawling from the stress of it commingled with the residual sadness over the death of my pooch.

Anyways, here’s my to-do list for tomorrow:

1) Access Charles Schwab account because I have no dinero left

2) Seal the deal on housing for next quarter (assuming the girl renting replies to my e-mail)

3) Do some cardio (I’ve discovered I’m a cardio junkie — I guess I’ve always been? since I’ve always enjoyed running the most at that point when your muscles are fatigued, and it’s kind of like a comfortable tiredness you feel)

4) Find a job for the rest of summer… because I have no dinero left (see 1)

5) Watch lectures for Intro to Databases course — at least it’ll give me something to talk about when I have dinner with M.P. on Thursday (speaking of which, confirm details of dinner via e-mail)

6) I think that other online course begins tomorrow.. I should probably check that out

I think I need to declare a new New Year* for me.  Why should I have to wait until January 1st to claim that this is going to be the “best year ever” and come up with a list of a gazillion idealistic things I should already have been doing?  I want, ahem — I am going to have the best year ever.  This fall: I’m gonna go to FMOTQ and make out with 3 guys (one for every year since I last made out with someone… R.P., March? of 2010); I guess I might run a half marathon (although uhh, I kinda need moolah for this *charity* event — like 150 bucks… just so I can sweat like a pig for a couple of hours with a thousand other people); maybe I’ll throw a Halloween get-together!  And make decorative cupcakes!


(Photo courtesy of

Oh wow — how adorable are these?!


I like Frankie’s nostrils.

More later.

*The date of which will be decided upon later.